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Background to the Wellington Rotary Charitable Trust

The Wellington Rotary Charitable Trust (WRCT) was established by the Rotary Club of Wellington in 1984 to support worthy causes in the Wellington community – Wellington city, Hutt Valley and Porirua Basin - and to enable Rotarians to contribute financially to these causes through a lifetime gift or through a bequest in their will.

The Trust and the Rotary Club of Wellington work closely together through a Partnership Agreement.  


The total value of the capital fund managed by the WRCT, including the Knowles Salmon Bequest and the general endowment is in excess of $1 million.  The funds are managed by an independent, professional external funds manager.  Currently this role is filled by Macquarie New Zealand.

Funds are bolstered by donations from Club fundraising activites, Club member donations and donations from members of the public.                                            As a registered charity with the Charities Commission, all donations to the Trust are eligible for a charitable gift taxation rebate up to a limit of the annual net income of the donor.

Trustees normally disburse investment income from the capital fund and funds raised from fundraising activities in the form of grants to chosen charities and causes in accordance with the Trust Deed and the Partnership agreement with the Rotary Club of Wellington.


Trustees of the WRCT are appointed by the Board of the Rotary Club of Wellington, are all Club members and serve for an initial term of three years, with the ability to extend for a further two years.  The WRCT Board comprises up to seven members appointed for their experience in investing and administering trust funds, and in grant assessment and monitoring.  The Chair holds a permanent position on the Board of the Rotary Club of Wellington and provides them with an annual report on Trust activities.

Current Trustees

Peter Lawson (Chair)
Helen Algar

Andrew Austin

Martin Lenart
Kate Mitchell
Wayne Morgan (Treasurer)
Tricia Walbridge


Grant making

The Trust’s grant making criteria have changed over time with changing social needs in the community.

In 2010, the Trust and the Rotary Club of Wellington, recognising their shared goals in working for the well-being of various deserving causes, entered into a Partnering Agreement under which they work closely together to provide grants to deserving activities and organisations that meet the objectives and criteria of both organizations at any one time.  These objectives and criteria are set by the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Wellington each year within the framework of the Club Strategic Direction.

The Trust does not accept applications but responds to requests that have been made through the Board of the Rotary Club of Wellington or to projects that Trustees themselves have identified. Funds are also made available to the Rotary Club of Wellington to disperse to organisations that fit within the current strategic direction for support.

A list of recent grants can be found here

In addition to the grants listed, the following organisations were supported with WRCT funds:

Malaghan Institute
Wellington Free Ambulance
Wellington Regional Tennis
Wellington City Mission

The Huia and Eleanor Hill Fund

A bequest in 1990 from the estate of the late Huia Hill (The Huia and Eleanor Hill Fund) substantially augmented the Trust’s initial funds. The terms of this fund are to give preference to deserving young people participating in various Rotary youth exchange programmes.

The Knowles Salmon Bequest

The WRCT also manages funds on behalf of the Knowles Salmon Bequest whose purpose is to support organisations providing services related to the welfare of the elderly. Futher information on this bequest can be found here.


Those donors who provide a lifetime gift or bequest of $15,000 or more will be acknowledged on the letterhead of the Trust.

The Wellington Rotary Charitable Trust would like to thank the John Ilott Charitable Trust for the 2012 donation which will be used for a deserving cause in accordance with the Club’s framework of charitable service support.

Trust Deed

Click on the link below for the Trust Deed

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