Like to Join?

Who we are … and what we do

Like you, our club members are established professionals and leaders in our fields of endeavour, people who are motivated to make positive changes in our community. We have been, as a club, at the heart of our city since 1921, which means that as the oldest and largest club in New Zealand we have created an impressive and successful track record over the past 93 years. Rotary Club of Wellington focuses above all on the city of Wellington and serving our community – our motto is Service Above Self.

We are a club of more than 130 men and women who are prepared to give as much as we receive from life, part of the 1.2 million strong global Rotary community that is dedicated to building a better world. Becoming a Rotarian will connect you with a diverse group of professionals who are determined to give back. Club members have been developing community service projects over the years that address many of our most critical issues.

Some of the community services projects include establishing CCS Disability Action, contributing to the establishment of Karitane Hospital, Wellington Free Ambulance, Wellington Tuberculosis Association, Meals on Wheels, Wellington Mobile Blood Service, Childrens Day, Cancer Society of New Zealand, Skylight Trust, Plunket, Wellington After Care Association, the Wellington branch of the National Society of Alcoholism and the Wellington branch of the Laura Fergusson Trust for adults with disability.

We have also given both human and financial support to Royal New Zealand Ballet, Wellington Zoo, Zealandia, Victim Support, Skilled Migrants, and Refugees as Survivors. We also support the community by administrating the Knowles Salmon Bequest, the John Ilott Charitable Trust, the JR McKenzie Youth Education Fund.

More recently the club initiated and runs EUREKA!, a nationwide school and tertiary based competition for the promotion of and understanding of science, technology and innovation, organises an annual forum that focusses on a key Wellington-based topic of current affairs, assists the regeneration of Mt Victoria through a multiyear tree planting programme, and offers strategic support to Te Aro Health.

Our ethos and values
The joy of working and socialising with people who are interested in others, not just themselves, is at the heart of Rotary itself. We encourage and promote high ethical standards in ones work and respect for worthy vocations. We apply Rotarys Four Way Test to all our activities, measuring everything Rotarians do by the standards of truthfulness, fairness, goodwill and benefit to all.

Club members work in the upper levels of small businesses and large enterprises, with many being self-employed. Our members include lawyers, chief executives of publicly listed companies, government departments and not-for-profit community organisations, bank managers, broadcasters, consultants, diplomats, academics, and directors and chairs of boards of all kinds.

As well as opportunities for service, developing friendships and networking, becoming a member can help your personal and professional development around leadership, public speaking and communication, organisation and planning, team building, fundraising, and more. Making use of your vocational skills where relevant, you will get the most out of membership by taking part with others in club projects and activities.

The time commitment is up to you but at a minimum we expect you will attend our weekly meetings on Mondays from 12:001:30pm in the Whitby Room on Level 17 at the James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotel, 147 The Terrace. Over lunch you will discuss community needs, hear from New Zealands leaders in all walks of life, develop your leadership and professional skills and, very importantly, catch up with good friends and make new ones.

The monetary commitment of your membership includes:
  • a one-off joining fee of $50 (GST inc.)
  • a monthly subscription of $32 (GST inc.) to help meet the club’s running costs
  • a Rotary International levy of $15 each month
  • the cost of the lunch provided at the weekly meetings, currently $28, and any cash donations you may wish to make at these weekly meetings.
The club accepts new members by invitation, so we suggest that you reach out to us and learn more. This is not only a good way to get to know the people involved in Rotary, its also a great way to get involved in your community. Also, take a look at some of the clubs website – starting with the About Us and Community Support pages.

When you join, you will be given information on Rotary as well as our club, including how to establish yourself and really feel that you belong to the club. Members are provided with a name badge which must be worn at all lunch meetings, and you will receive a Rotary lapel pin in your induction pack.

Do you want to make a real difference?
If youre thinking of coming along or want to learn about membership
  • speak with a club member (if you know one), or 
  • send our Administrator, Rebecca Maresca, an email –
We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Download this page as a PDF.